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Free visual assets for you to use for your projects

Need some pre-made visual assets to get started right away? Here are some completely free standard assets you can use for your VR project.

Icons and Buttons

2D Standard Nav Icons | Download (12KB)

3D Standard Nav Icons | Download (11KB)

2D Player Controls | Download (24KB)

3D Player Controls | Download (7KB)

Misc | Download (48KB)

2D Buttons | Download (13.5kb)

3D Buttons | Download (38.9kb)

3D Objects

Static Emojis | Download

Animated Characters and Emojis | Download (~40mb)

Primitives | Download (40.9kb)

Portal Doorways | Download (51mb)


Movie Theater | Download (1.2MB) | Download (Stereoscopic 3D Ver) (2.7MB)

Westlake, Seattle | Download (3.6MB)

Park | Download (6.1M)

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii | Download (4.3MB)

Grid | Download (598KB)

Tiles | Download (321KB)

Space | Download (2.6MB)

Digital Blocks | Download (1.5MB)


For any VR scene where the 360° background isn't the main focus, a skybox is a great performant solution. Think of a skybox as a square room with the user placed in the middle.

Black | Download (82KB)

Clouds | Download (267kb)

Space | Download (5.6MB)

Ocean | Download (891kb)

Other Free Resources

HDRI Haven 100% free high quality photospheres. Download them and simply convert the HDRI files to JPG or PNG in your favorite photo editing tool.

sIBL Archive Free hi-res photospheres but under a CC license.

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Free visual assets for you to use for your projects

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