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By using the Viro Platform, you agree to include attribution to Viro Media in your AR/VR applications. There are several options where you can proudly refer to Viro Media as your platform!


The logo must not be smaller than 90dp on screen

The Viro colors are Viro blue and Viro pink. No logo treatments of either color are allowed. But, logo treatments in all black or all white are allowed.


Viro Blue

Hex #34c5f7
RGB 52,197,247


Viro Pink

Hex #ff3f5f
RGB 255,63,95

If background colors other than black or white are used, the background must provide adequate contrast for the logo.

1. Full 360 Intro Splash

This is the preferred method of attribution. Use this full 360 screen at the start of your app as it loads.

360 Viro Intro - Right click the image as "Save as"

2. Title Screen

Use this logo anywhere on your own custom title screen. We don't have strict guidelines where you need to place the logo, it just needs to be clear with the proper contrast. We provide you with 2 options that work on light or dark backgrounds:

Logo for light backgrounds. - Right click the image as "Save as"

Logo for dark backgrounds. - Right click the image as "Save as"

Some examples of where you can use the logo in your title screen:

Bottom of the Home menu

Center floor medallion- below user's feet

3. App Store Description

Lastly, including "Powered by Viro Media" in your app store description is another acceptable option.

For example:

Attribution placed somewhere in app store description

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