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Viro Community Fork

Active development for Viro is now occurring at the Viro Community fork. We encourage all Viro Developers to follow and get the latest updates at


Latest Release is v2.17.0 as of October 16, 2019

See the Releases tab for more information

ViroReact is a platform for developers to rapidly build native cross platform AR/VR applications using React Native. ViroReact supports:

AR: ARKit and ARCore
VR: Cardboard (iOS and Android), Daydream and Gear VR

The platform is composed of two main components:

  1. A high performance native 3D rendering engine, and
  2. A custom extension of React for AR and VR development.

Whether you are looking to build a new AR/VR application, or add AR/VR features to your existing applications, the ViroReact platform enables you to create powerful mobile AR/VR applications using a single code base. Write once, run everywhere!

Why Use ViroReact?

Easy to Learn

Our framework uses web-like concepts making it simple to learn.

Open Source

As of Viro React v2.17.0 we are now open source under the MIT License. Add, customize or extend Viro any you want. The source code is available here.

Fast Development

Tired of waiting for recompile to see changes? With Viro React Testbed Apps, just reload and see your changes on device. It's like "refreshing" a browser.

AR/VR Integration

In addition to creating entirely new applications, with ViroReact, you can add AR/VR functionality to your existing application and offer your user base more exciting features.

Cross Platform

VR support for iOS Cardboard, Android Cardboard, Daydream and Gear VR.
AR support for iOS ARKit and Android ARCore.

Native Performance

The Viro renderer runs natively on your hardware for optimal performance. Create stunning scenes with support for physically-based rendering (PBR), high-dynamic range (HDR), and realtime lighting and shadows. Add real-world mechanics to your objects with Viro's physics engine, and emit smoke, fire, and more with Viro's full-featured particle system.

Start Developing

To begin developing, we recommend you go through the following sections in order:

  1. Quick Start (No Xcode or Android Studio required) or Installing Viro (iOS) or Installing Viro (Android): step-by-step guides for setting up ViroReact and getting to "Hello World".
  2. Tutorial: step-by-step guide for creating a basic scene.

Have any questions? Github Issues